Magical Memories

Hi there,

Life just seems to be getting busier and I just haven't found the time to write a blog post for a while....... but as these photos make me smile I just had to find the time to share them with you.

If you have followed my blog for a while you will already know that my children normally ask for themed hand-made birthday parties at home. My children have always loved to dress up in costumes and create make-believe stories, so I do my best to immerse the children into a magical imaginary world at our parties.

This year's theme was MARY POPPINS!

The kids dressed up as Mary Poppins, chimney sweeps, Jane and Michael Banks and their friends, and we also had a fabulous Winifred Banks with her Votes For Women sash.  Fab! 

The birthday tea just had to be a Vintage Tea Party!! 

I visited every charity shop in the area and was so lucky to find some pretty teacups and saucers, side plates, cakes stands, and two teapots.... I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across this gold teapot. Isn't it just amazing for a kids tea party!  The two teapots were filled with pink and orange squash.

We had planned to hold the tea party at the end of the party, but the kids just wanted to sit at the table and drink out of their teacups... with their little finger in the air.  So with a quick change of plan the tea party got started.

The games were traditional party games or Mary Poppins inspired.

The most popular game was 'A Spoonful of Sugar'.  A relay race where the two teams had to scoop up a teaspoon of sugar out of a bowl, run with it and pop the sugar into their team's cup a few metres away. The first team to fill their cup won the game.  This game was a winner! 

We also got the kids skipping with our extra long skipping rope. They loved it and didn't want it to stop.....  but eventually our arms said "Spit Spot Must Stop"

Ah, and my favourite song in the film 'Let's Go fly a Kite'.... we gave the kids the opportunity to decorate their own kite which they took home with them.  

The kids seemed to have a fun afternoon. 

I really hope we have made some magical memories for them!